Friday, September 30, 2005


Recently, i was struck with a fever, during my prelim exams.
How lucky.
Got healed, then came down with dengue.
Stayed in hospital.
Here is the report, on an event cheorographed by a mosquito.

20th Sept
Had chemistry paper. But took it with a headache.
At night, developed a fever. 40.3 degrees.
Feeling bloody cold.
Sweated so much while sleeping, as if i wet my bed.
Got 2 days MC, but i got papers tomorrow.

21st Sept
A maths paper and lit 1.
Took it with a fever still blazing.
Had an mc =, but mom didn't allow me to use it.
How am i going to pass the papers?

22 Sept
Chemistry practical.
Chemistry and i are such "good" friends.
The words you would use to describe us are those used to describe that between a cat and dog.
Damn, does chemistry suck, and it seems impossible to score a pass.
Let alone with a fever.

23 Sept
Chemistry 2.
My favourite paper.
Nothing much to be said.
Still have a slight fever, 38 degrees.
But my MC has expired.

24 Sept.
Feel bloody perfect.
Fever is gone.
But brian's has returned.
Is it dengue?

25 Sept
Sunday and i feel fine.
Except a sore throat though.
It's bad, can't even swallow my own saliva.But that is nothing.
Brian has dengue.
Platelet is 95, well below the accepted 140.
Dad and mom seem pissed, taking it out on me.
Brian looks like a damn lobster, red as hell.
Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

26 Sept
Brian's platelet has dropped.
90 now.
He looks and feels like crap.
Redder than hell.
Even collapsed on the floor once.

As for me, i broke out in cold sweat.
Only hands and feet.
Mom and Dad panicked, sent me to poly clinnc.
Ironically, at the clinic, felt ok after that.
The clinic was like a family outing for some people.
Father sick, the whole family come.

So first they jabbed me on the right arm.
No blood came out.
So they pricked my right middle finger.
Enough to fill half a tube
So they pricked my left middle finger.twice.
Only then did the blood fill.
And damn, my platelet is 72, with my haemocritic abnormally high.
So i was sent to Changi hospital, becaouse i had insurance.
300m bucks per day.

At the hospital.....
Another jab, so they could drip me with sodium chloride.
Picked an A ward.
I mean, i have insurance.
So essentially i paid only $20 a day.
The room ain't too bad.
The TV has HBO.
Air conditioned.
I cant brush my teeth for fear of bleeding.
And the gave me a damn tooth brush.

27th sept
Woke me up at 5am to take my blood.
Again at 7 to prick me.
Again at 8 to draw blod.
Did it twice, because the first, could not get any blood.
Can't a kid just get some sleep?
Many people came to visit and call me.
Thanks to those who did.
Todays food was like shit.
So bad, the shit tasted like meatloaf, and porridge.
At least tea was good.
Platelet is 74 today.

Brian looks like crap.
Worse than me.
comment was made that we should switch spots.
Poor kid.
platelet is 101.
But haemoglobin still too thick.

28th sept
Woken up to the aroma of sausages and bread.
At seven bloody thirty!!
Then at 8, the doctor came.
Took blood.
Today had less visitors.
Food was pork chop and spaghetti.
Haemoglobin is better.
Platelet is 125.

29th Sept.
Last day in hospital.
Thank God.
The boredom is killing me.
So total count is 13 jugs of water, and injected like crazy, 7 jabs, and 4 finger pricks.

6 Sept.
Make the total injection count 8.
Today went for a blood test, and i'm now officially discharged.
Thanks to those people who prayed, visited and called me.
Thank you.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

1 dollar left

Let me ask you a question.
Imagine all you have left is one dollar.
This represents your life.
Spend the dollar, and you die!!
But multiply it, and you extend your life.
So you have to spend it wisely.

Some would just use this last dollar to buy somethng to enjoy.
Perhaps give it to the poor?
Perhaps scrimp on it, in hope of just using until the last moment?
Gamble? maybe, but only if someone will take your one buck bet.
I know singapore pools won't.
Investing it in stocks and shares doesn't sound too bad.
Perhaps putting it in the wish fountain?

I know what i would do with my last dollar.
I'd use it to call home and ask for more money.
Then, i'd do all the other shit like food and donating it.